The summer is magic!

This summer I will give away 3 summer sessions of life coaching!


This is your chance! Sign up and be 1 of the three lucky ones!


What does this mean?

Lifecoaching with me means one hour of full attention for you and what is happening in your life right now. I will be like a neutral mirror that gives you the space to completely be yourself.



I am fully convinced of the power of lifecoaching and how it can bring you new insights and give you fresh impulses to create your life more consciously and therefor experience more freedom, balance and joy. My wish for you is to have this life coaching experience and see what it means for you. And not tomorrow or next year, no, now is the time to give yourself one hour of attention.


For whom?

Are you a thinker and do you also want to further develop your strong intuitive side? Do you often think outside existing “boxes”, and ask yourself what you really want to do in this life? What your personal power is and how you can use it in this world? Are you looking for someone who gives you the calm attention to get started with this awareness?


Then sign up for a summer session with me at and become 1 of 3 lucky ones and experience what it can do for you.


Allow and give yourself some attention this summer!!!



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