6 reasons to visit a life coach

  1. You feel off balanced at the moment. You don’t have any time for yourself and you are constantly trying to juggle all your responsibilities – A life coach can help you catch your breath, take a step back and see things from different perspectives. So you can make the changes that are necessary.

  2. You feel uninspired. You really want to contribute something meaningful to the world but at the moment you feel unfulfilled – A life coach can support you in your search for meaning by asking the right questions and discussing your various options.

  3. You have doubts and feel uncertain about your next career step. Do you continue or do you want to go a different way? – A life coach helps you to investigate your options and encourages you to make decisions based on strength.

  4. Your relationships are not going the way you want them. Whether it’s your partner, your boss or colleague, there is always some conflict that occurs which makes it complicated – A coach helps you to investigate your relationships with others, so you can become aware of the patterns that occur and explore what you could do to turn that around.

  5. You have no focus. When you set yourself a goal, you are continuously distracting yourself from it. As a result, you are less efficient in all your life goals – A coach not only helps you to investigate what you are running from, but explores tools to help you stay on your path.

  6. You have no confidence in your abilities. You are insecure or perhaps unaware off your own talents. You are therefore quickly upset if you get negative feedback and that does not feel good – A coach helps you recognize your own talents, become aware of your unique strengths, which leads to more self confidence and empowers you to go out and do your thing in the world.

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the above reasons? Of course you do. You are not alone, we all do and there is nothing wrong with you. It is precisely the powerful version of yourself that is now being addressed. That part of you that is conscious and wants to grow and is not afraid to start the conversation “with yourself”. Call me on 06-20010959 or email me at perine.simon@perinecoaching.nl for a free of charge 30 minutes intake session or to start your adventure directly. As a lifecoach, it is my passion to help you become the best version of yourself!

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