From Caterpillar to butterfly: An inner transformation!

Own your lifestory. That’s the only way you can live an authentic and meaningful life and be of true value to this world. Start with taking the first steps for your transformation!


The number 1 thing on your agenda this summer: Time for your transformation and growth!


Will you finally allow yourself to be who you are? To contribute like only you can? To do work that makes you happy? To have that fulfilling relationship? To be of value simply by who you are and what you have to offer? No longer listening to the voices inside and outside of yourself that keep you small, like a caterpillar that just can’t turn into that beautiful butterfly.

Put your intentions this summer season on your personal transformation and growth with the help of life or career coaching. Experience what a conversation with a coach can do for you. New insights, triggers, focus, direction, and tools to name a few things. Do you have certain goals in your life that you want to achieve, privately, socially, at work, or in society? Every successful person has, in one form or another, a coach in his or her life. And this is my wish for anyone who wants to live an empowered, authentic and meaningful life.

To help you get started, I’m offering you a reduced early summer rate of €80 per session. Check my website for more information Call or email me if it appeals to you for a no-obligation introductory interview. Together we will look at how I can be of service to you. It is my passion to guide you through your unique process from caterpillar to butterfly!


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