Leadership Coaching


Leadership coaching is about becoming aware of your leadership skills either within a professional role  but also as a complete human being. How do you use your unique leadership skills to have the impact you want? I use the Coactive Coaching method, which assumes that the coach and the coachee are equal partners in the coaching process. Together we’ll discover and explore your leadership qualities.

In order for Leadership coaching to be effective, we need at least 6 sessions together. The sessions take place in my office in The Hague, online or at your location, just what suits you better. In some cases I do a session while walking in the woods or on the beach, depending on what I think is necessary.

“Keep looking up, that’s the secret of life” 


For whom?

You want to be a leader of change and empower and get people moving. You are looking for your own authenticity and self -leadership in this process. How can you use your talents in order to lead and have the impact you want? Where are areas for you to grow? How can you stay connected with your inner being?

What you want in essence is to be able to make conscious decisions that are good for you. In this awareness process you need a mirror. Someone who mirrors back to you what you already know yourself. Someone who helps you to transform to that person that you are at the core in order to have the impact that you want. Do you recognize yourself in this? Please contact me for a free introductory meeting. My sessions are in Dutch or English. Don’t feel excluded if you are in another part of the world.

If as a leader you want to work on other aspects of your well-being in addition to leadership coaching, then look at my lifestyle coaching possibilities.


This moment is all there is

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